Moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

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Moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

Marandana Knowflake Posts: From: Earth. That this aspect gives the "too hot to handle" feeling? I've read that in the begining it could be amazing, intense, but it could be so volatile and it cannot survive time, I'd like to know real experiences with this aspect in synastry. IP: Logged. I also have natal Moon square Mars. I'm the Moon and he's the Mars in Leo. So far, I like this aspect, although his Mars squares my Mars in Scorpionothing bad has happened. Also just want to add that he's gay so this is definitely only a platonic bond.

He actually kind of sought me out first and seemed to like me quickly so much so that he invited me out with him and his friends soon after only 2 shifts together. He's also kinda touchy with me and loves hugs and cuddling but thats it.

This is still a new relationship so I'll just have to see how it goes. Maybe since it's a platonic and strictly non-romantic relationship it changes the dynamic? I guess Mars in Pisces are more forward than I thought hahahha. Shes an aries sun and yes it is awkward but another side of me kinda likes it lmao IP: Logged. Most Moon people agree that it's platonic for them and not very sexual. When the guy is Mars - it's sexual from his perspective and his alone. Supreme - You also had Mars conjunct Mars in synastry It's really been a bad experience every single time.

Then again, the person's Mars has always been linked to my Chiron as well, so I'm not sure how that modifies anything. It's always been a messy, emotional or angry affair when this comes up for me in synastry. Preach it! For some reason any Moon-Mars conjunction I'm in never ends well. I'm glad someone else agrees. In friendship it's been a particularly terrible aspect for me, especially with a member of the opposite sex.

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Barbie and I have it. I am Mars. But we have SO much stuff it's nuts. I mean looking at midpoints, composite, composite to Natals It's a lot! We make it work. There's been some arguments here and there. It doesn't happen often and when they do we let go very quickly. We move on quickly and soon it's like nothing ever happened. We are like best friends We both have moon square Mars natally so I suppose a conjunction in synastry really isn't all that hard to deal with.

Astrology is just energy Imo, as we like to refer to it here. You can defeat it or be defeated by it.Then again it could be the copious pluto contacts--lol!

Can this be overcome in a relationship context? Also, does moon and mars in synastry have a magnetizing effect? IP: Logged. Emotional, stormy, passionate for sure. And exhausting. But magnetic and very hard to break the connection. In my experience -- it CAN work, but the Mars person needs to be super aware of how they're treating the moon person, and will have to soften some of their words and actions to avoid causing wounds or offense. The moon person has to work on developing a tougher skin and not taking everything to heart.

When the aspect goes both ways like with what you've got, both people need to work on not taking things personally, as well as treating each other with more tact and sensitivity. With hard aspects, I've noticed that a lot of the conflicts can have sexual roots.

I couldn't agree more with the sexual needing an outlet and this causing tension and irritation. I read somewhere that moon mars contacts are deeply primal and instinctual but with no real logic or rational reason as to why they are so attracted so this can create problems. There is definitely an oversensitivity that occurs with this placement.

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It's definitely a good lesson in being respectful of other peoples sensitivities while still being diplomatic about where you're coming from. I also heard the conjunction is a big fertility aspect.

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I must google this and know more lol IP: Logged. And it is like you've just described. We'd get very butthurt with each other but the sex was great. We didn't have Pluto contacts, though Naturally, it didn't last very long. He ended up "breaking up" with me in quotations because we were never exactly together exclusively to begin with. Moon-Mars in my experience is a much more powerful and raw synastry aspect than any Venus-Mars aspect I've ever experienced.

However, so far I've only ever been the mars person, so I can't really comment on the hurt factor. I was always wondering who feels the attraction potentially more, the moon and the mars person?When the Moon conjuncts Mars in synastry, there is a strong attraction that is both physical and emotional. We are combining yin and yang planets here, and these tend to generate much fascination and attraction.

Over time, the Moon person might find the Mars person both insensitive to his or her needs and feelings, and overreactive to his or her needs and feelings!

Synastry (Relationship Astrology) Moon Mars Aspects

The Moon person might find that Mars comes on a little too strong when times call for more sensitivity or moderation. The relationship is sure to be an emotional one, with plenty of hurt feelings now and again, and joyful moments when the two come together again after an argument. Decisions they make as a couple tend to be very subjective and personal. A lot of touchiness from both parties generally characterizes the partnership.

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The square and opposition are rather similar in nature to the conjunction, but more problematic. The Moon person finds Mars overly aggressive, pushy, and defensive. The Mars person feels the Moon person is too demanding and needy. With a propensity to react to each other without thinking, it is easy to imagine that plenty of hurt feelings are a by-product.

Co-dependency issues are also quite possible. The Moon person might want a promise or a commitment from the Mars person, and find it challenging that Mars prefers to take things one day at a time. Particularly with the square, the Moon person might tend to complain and dump emotional hurts and frustrations on the Mars person. The Mars person has a way of pulling out dependency in the Moon person.

Resentment towards one another, over time, is likely. This is a very temperamental combination. A trine or sextile between the Moon and Mars is a powerful indicator of attraction. It brings much mutual fascination, and is especially strong with the trine. The relationship has a very animated and lively quality. While the Moon person has a soothing and calming effect on the Mars person, the Mars person encourages Moon to be brave and confident.

Through each other, the individuals learn much about their instincts and needs.I have a Cap moon and have had sex with 4 men in my life and all had Mars in Cap within 2 degrees of my Moon. A man's Mars conjunct a woman's Moon is a good sexual and emotional compatibility aspect imo but a man's Moon conjunct a woman's Mars doesn't work as well. My Pisces Mars has conjuncted a few men with Pisces moons and we just didn't click well, they were too soft for me.

Just wanted to share something I've noticed IP: Logged. Could it be that those men with Mars conjunct your Moon felt like "real" men. Thereby allowing your Cap Moon to relax and feel protected don't mean to sound sexist? Mars in Pisces ime tends to appreciate the artist, drifter,romantic,bleeding heart types. So these people are " soft " by nature.

Her 7th house cusp is in Cap and so I think Cap placements or Saturn strong people may have a chance. So I don't like being "passified" and interpret their initiatives as that. However I do like to chase. My Mars is conjunct the 7th and sextile Jupiter and trines N. I always see myself as the initiator and more passive guys-those with Moon in Pisces, Cancer,Lib,Tau barring other aspects arouse me.

I like "soft" guys. Barring other aspects from Pluto,Saturn etc. So even when they approach. They were very soft and I liked that so I didn't play hard to get when they made a move. I am curious as to what aspects your Moon makes? IP: Logged. It feels really nice.

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He also has Moon in Cap though, so that really highly plays into it. That literally sounds so backwards imo, especially to my Mars in Libra.IP: Logged. And yes, it was kinda painful But it was 'hot' for sure.

Some married friends of mine have this aspect in their composite, and they are completely in love after being together many, many years.

moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

All over each other IP: Logged. The rest of the night, he was holding my hand, and had his arms around me, as if we'd known eachother for years. I've had this strange sensation in my chest ever since and I can't stop thinking about him. I looked up our synastry and behold, his moon is 2 degrees from my mars, and 5 degrees from my Venus both in Taurus. I had the same experience in the reverse with the person I met last summer; he was always touching me in little ways and I totally didn't mind it Im usually weary of who touches me.

moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

In fact, I liked the effect it had on me and if I'm really honest with my self I want more!! Dulce Luna, I completely agree! I say you go find this guy I think aspect can be a little deceiving though, cause it's so based on physical attraction for me, and probably not true compatibility.

This guy I met Saturday is not even my type at all, and I wasn't attracted to him at first. When he was talking to me across the table, I actually thought he was kind of annoying. Then I just wanted to be near him. I just loved whenever he touched me. And like you, I am very weary of people touching me!

The Moon-Mars Connection: Emotional Warriorship & Intuitive Sexuality

I'm supposed to have "friend" lunch with him tomorrow, and I'm so nervous, my skin is breaking out in pimples! But its a great added bonus ROFL. Good luck with lunch tommorow, maybe getting to know him won't be so bad. I mean, who says friend's roommate is off limits anyways?

Unless she likes him too or something.

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He's cute, but if it weren't for work He isn't my usual type and I'm pretty sure I'm not his usual type either. And without talking to him, I was pretty irritated with him on first impression but it had nothing to do with his personality we hadn't spoken to eachother and everything do with something I st00pidly took personally because of the fact that I was having a bad second day of work.

I was like 'WTF is his problem? I really had a soft spot for him after the first convo. Then came the physical contact he's very tactile person I noticedand; he also seemed to make more polite gestures towards me after we first talked. I'm guessing he probably realized I wasn't such a cold bish afterall.IP: Logged. LOL I've had it as double whammy It's been 6 months and I am still recovering from the sweet damage I've heard that it can be irritating and aggressive for the moon It's sensual, close, and wonderful.

moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

It's supposed to be weird with a woman's Mars on the man's Moon Her Mars is her ideal man in a sense. His moon is partially the feminine ideal Either way it goes IP: Logged.

Had this one with my ex, my mars sat on his moon.

The Moon-Mars Connection: Emotional Warriorship & Intuitive Sexuality

And meanwhile, his mars was merely in the same sign as my moon in virgo. You can do bigger orbs with the luminaries? I didn't know that. I also agree with the increased fertility inclination-for better or worse. The mars person tends to really burn for the moon. My Mars and his Moon in Leo. It was heaven for 6 months. Dramatic, yes, but like theatre in heaven. And my Moon and his Venus in Taurus. Another man, another 6 month period. And in your experience is it moon or mars who feels the 'pull' more strongly?

I met this guy on Saturday night at a friend's place. When talking to him, I felt immediately at ease, and comfortable, and when I leaned over and brushed passed him, it was like a magnet or something. The rest of the night, he was holding my hand, and had his arms around me, as if we'd known eachother for years.

moon conjunct mars synastry lindaland

I've had this strange sensation in my chest ever since and I can't stop thinking about him. I looked up our synastry and behold, his moon is 2 degrees from my mars, and 5 degrees from my Venus both in Taurus. I wonder if he felt anything?Everything I've read about this is not very good. Passionate but painful.

I think a friend of mine had this with an ex of hers Just curious to see what others have experienced IP: Logged. However, most of the time, the storms are sexy and exciting. Very passionate aspect, as it promises feeling behind the physical act. They desire each other always. The physical relations between the two are enhanced with desire and warmth.

Great passion that doesn't fizzle out. I'm mars and he's moon btw. It could almost be a double whammy because his mars in the same sign as my moon too I heard that even that was enough to generate atrraction. I just started seeing someone, and we have this combo What I've read scared me a little though, because I know these mars aspects, although hot, can be very aggressive and sometimes hurtful too. Figured I'd get everyone else's opinion on it, before I freaked out! My moon in pisces conjunct his mars in pisces.

Sexual intensity is an understatement. But there was definitely conflict, too. I found him to be a bit abrasive at the wrong times and I'm sure that he felt as though I was hyper sensitive.

As far as chemistry goes, it's a thumbs up. Guess that depends on other aspects. My moon in Pisces exactly conjunct his Mars. The attraction is there - for sure, even though we haven't acted on it to that point though.

But, I've already noticed him telling me on more than one occasion that I was too sensitive. It didn't bother me at the time, but now that I think about it We have some other great things going on in our synastry though, so hopefully it will balance out I'll admitt it can come with its problems, but its still pretty good especially for kissing.


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