Vesc parameters

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Vesc parameters

I would like to briefly describe it here: a signal with pulse width of 1ms to 2ms in a cycle of 20ms, the standard level of it is 5V. Set the value of the PPM output by the digital port 5 according to the detected change of the potentiometer.

Lastly, you need to finish parameter setting in VESC tool, the operation is similar like with a remote control. Some parameters from the VESC can also be read, such as battery voltage, eprm value, motor temperature and so on.

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Thanks to them for their contributions to the esk8 community! Here it will also be briefly introduced. The principle of ADC control is to output the corresponding throttle value by reading the voltage difference.

The reading range of the voltage is 0V So only the potentiometer or thumb throttle is needed. All three ports are introduced to control VESC so far.

Do you have a general idea of it? I want to say what a beautiful site you have made. I am a regular customer of your store.

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I had visited your store last month, and I saw a very nice product i wanne order. But I have a question! The product looks like the first picture on this site. Thanks for the helpful article! I will be getting values in a different way than you, but could convert them into the potentiometer range.

I use it for robotics applications where I want to be sending position or velocity commands at hundreds of Hz. Close menu.

Please explain the parameters in VESC-Tool

Brand Story. Business Cooperation. Got basic knowledge of C language. Wiring diagram is as follows: potentiometer VESC 1 3. Mac Hutton Jul 15, Posted by maytech maytech. If your controller is with hall sensor, need to adjust 3pcs motor cables and controller cables phase sequence and detect, find suitable connection.

For VESC4. It is related to electrical rule that the sum of the currents going into a device is always precisely zero. So a battery delivering 1A has 1A going into the device through the - pole and -1A going into the positive pole i. This means that when you measure one you know the other!

If use sensored mode in BLDC, when hall sensor is damaged or fell off, motor will stop working, need to change to sensorless mode. If use FOC mode, motor can work under sensored and sensorless mode, even if use sensored, and hall sensor damaged or fell off, motor can still working.

Remote Apperance: 2. FAQ2: How to adjust motor direction? If you use VESC without hall sensor, can adjust random 2 phase wire connection, then detect.

Vector control, sinusoidal driven, small torque ripple and quite. Energy feedback brake, faster retarding brake. The same holds for a motor with three leads: measure two and you know the third.

VESC – Open Source ESC

Due to imperfections in real life, some of the measurements are more accurate than the others. And you can predict which ones. So in VESC-6, the decisison was made to allow the hardware to measure all three currents, and to not-use the one predicted to be least accurate and then calculate it from the other two. If motor direction is not correct, just need to change random 2 cables connection and detect. ESC: ESC can automatically detect 3 cables phase sequence, need to adjust mannually, total 6 phase sequence.

All our VESCs default firmware are with boarloader. Download firmware that has UART port opened and get in. Computer will show virtual serial port after driven download finished.

If do not use remote control, do not need to connect VESC signal cable, no influence. Current bluetooth module can only work with firmware version under 1. Do not use canbus cable.

Getting big motor to pass "detection".

Use Canbus cable. How to open canbus function? When connect VESC to computer, connection is unstable, why? What is the hub motor pole number?

What is the reason the red light lights? Brushless Outrunner Sensored Motor. About Maytech We are company integrated with design, development, manufacture and sale for over 13 years, we do brushless motor, controller, remoteetc electronics for electric skateboard, electric surfboard, flight model products. Featured articles.I have made many updates to my custom motor controller recently and the old post is getting confusing with notes and updates, I decided to write a new post about it that hopefully is more clear, more complete and easier to follow.

This might sound a bit ambitions, but my goal is to make the best ESC available. I really enjoy sharing knowledge, so I want to keep all the hardware and software open.

This is an overview of the schematic download a complete PDF here :. Because information about the VESC is scattered all over the internet and a lot of information is in email conversations with me, I have created a forum dedicated to the VESC here. Sensorless startup and low-speed performance:. My electric longboard:. Video overlay logging see a post about that here :. Have a look at the links under the Resources heading at the top of this page to find all files. That makes it super easy to order the PCBs from him.

The components in the BOM can be ordered from mouser. Mouser numbers are included in the BOM as well. Last I ordered, ordering 10 MOSFETs was cheaper than ordering 6 because there is a price break at 10, so have a look at the price breaks as well. For assembling the PCBs, the following pictures are useful the latest versions can be found on github :.

Remember to put an electrolytic capacitor close to the ESC on the supply cable.

vesc parameters

How large it has to be depends on the length and inductance of the battery cables, but I usually use a uF 63V capacitor. This is the best tutorial I have seen so far. It really is as easy as it looks when done right. Here is a video on the technique I use to solder the pad under the DRV I just put solder on the pad and use a hot air soldering station.

Again, using leaded solder makes it easier. When soldering the DRV, I first solder the pad using hot air and then I solder the pins with a soldering iron.

Notice that the pad under the DRV must be connected for it to work, since it is the ground connection. This a brief tutorial on how to get everything running using a fresh install of Ubuntu Please read all the instructions carefully to avoid most problems. Install a toolchain to compile the firmware for more details, have a look at this page :. Log out and log back in. First, connect a programmer as described in this post.

Then, download the latest firmware from github, compile and upload it:. It is printed on the PCB. Again, connect a programmer as described in this post. Then, download the latest bootloader from github, compile and upload it:. Note : If you have more than one usb-modem device in your computer laptops often have built-in 3g modemsthen you have to change ttyACM0 to the port of the ESC.

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From the bldc-firmware directory, type the following commands while the programming cable is connected to the ESC:. Note : Updating the firmware will delete the configuration of the ESC.None of the detections work. I've tried increasing or decreasing the current, adapting the omega etc etc, but nothing seems to work.

I have the impression that the code ramps up the rotation speed way too fast for the motor to follow. Is there a way to adjust this? Update: The FOC hall sensor detect works. Then with say 2A current setting the motor starts to turn. It runs fine with about 2A. This still causes the VESC to do something wrong when the speed goes above whatever belongs with 33V.

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Just above the "" for sensorless. This event then regenerates enough energy into my lab powersupply to cause an overvoltage trip. Not sure if I'm happy enough about all this that I dare try this with the A nominal batteries The flux linkage detection is a tricky part to get right since it has to be universal enough to spin up any motor without knowing anything about the motor, and there is a huge variety of motors.

Did you notice if it makes a number of tries, or does it only run once? It is supposed to make up to 4 tries with different settings.

vesc parameters

If your motor has 12 poles and 15 kv as you wrote in the other post 11 mWb sounds completely wrong. You can roughly calculate the flux linkage from the kv and number of poles with the formula. The detection box can still calculate the kp and ki parameters.

Because that is what the detection does. Detection starts by using BLDC in integrate mode to get the motor spinning slowly and then switches over to delay mode which does not have any parameter dependencies but has problems starting motors. Hi Roger, I'm pretty sure it's possible to drive your motor.

Benjamin will probably be able to give you advice. What you can do is the following:. Try to be precise but brief. The reason behind this is to help others, having the same motor, not having the same issues again.

After a while there will be a list of beasty motors and the best settings for them available, which is a bonus for everyone in future. But you might be right, four. The later tries seem faster.What ever is on your mind, the Vesc-Environment will help you to achieve your goals faster. E-Motion is the key to success for the most innovative products of the near future.

Up until now there were now off the shelf solutions that would have brought your project to the kind of perfection that is now available through the VESC-Environment. It doesn't matter what your project is about or what scale it has - as long as it incorporates electric motors or actuators, you just landed at the right place.

Our aim is simply providing the best and most professional open source firmware, user friendly software solutions and hardware for motor control available today. Using VESC hardware and software allows you to set up your device within minutes - not days. Today VESC motor controllers can be found in robots, multicopters, camera gimbals, e-bikes, electric skateboards, RC equipment, industrial applications and many many more.

But: The VESC-Environemnt is so much more than just a technical solution - its a rapid growing community of enthusiasts and experts, spread around the entire globe. Let your project succeed through the power of collaboration and the combined knowledge of the VESC-Crowd. Skip to main content.Although traditional TV advertising is not growing as rapidly as it used to and is losing share to digital, it still remains an important advertising medium.

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vesc parameters

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VESC® Tool 2020 Tutorial - How to Program Vesc for DIY Electric Skateboards

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